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Presentation Options

The correct presentation of a piece of art work, print or memoribilia is the key to viewing 'Just another frame' or a crafted frame showing off the piece to its best. The latter needs some time for thought about styles of mounting, frame finish and glazing. Framing memorabilia, for instance, must utilise a frame moulding which is deep enough to house the 3 dimensional object and in some cases the task can be more of a cabinet making process. You, as a customer must think about where you are able to hang or show such a frame in order not to be cumbersome on the wall but also able to have the surrounding space to view correctly.

Prints and posters and photographs printed to a thin stock are highly likely to 'Buckle or warp' under glass, and so give the impression of a very poorly presented image. In a lot of cases this can be dealt with in a manner which will either eliminate the problem or improve the viewing once framed. We will always point out the options in order to give you the best mounting option. Valuable and images of sentimentality which cannot be replaced will not ever be drymounted unless you specifically request such a process and sign a disclaimer. Dry mounting in most cases is irreversible.

Glazing comes in many forms and each has different qualities, some of which are designed specifically to enhance or protect artworks. UV light is the biggest threat to a print (especially older prints) over time. The colours will fade dramatically if not protected by a UV filtering glass. We also advise glazing with acrylic in certain circustances, schools and public places are classic areas in which a fallen frame can smash glass and injure people. Acryic eliminates this.

So I hope the above gives some idea to the thought process in framing your treasured or favourite piece, whatever it may be. We take time to talk through presentation options for all customers giving you a personal service.

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